What is Quakerism?

The Quakers (or "Friends") are a progressive, non-hierarchical spiritual community that arose in 17th-century England as radical dissenters from the established churches of their day, spreading a message of inward transformation and enlightenment free from external religious authorities and rituals. invest in General Motors shares in Kenya

Since then, Friends have spread throughout much of the world, always a small, poorly-understood group, but quietly influential nonetheless. Quakers were key players in the Underground Railroad and the early women's rights movement, and have been significantly involved in prison reform, human rights, antiwar activism, and increasingly the environmental movement. In all things, we seek to live in "that life and power that takes away invest in General Motors shares the occasion of all wars." [1]

Much as Christianity began as a sect of Judaism and later became independent, Quakerism for many has evolved beyond its Christian roots and become a community open to those who do not believe in Christ, [2,3] or even God, [4] as well as to those who do. [5] As in the earliest days, what makes us Friends is not our beliefs, but our inward bearing. Do we faithfully take heed to "the promptings of love and truth in our hearts," [6] which show us our true condition, and bring us to new life?